Cheers to our Dream Team

Team Work makes

the Dream Work

For those who don’t know Mill River Brewing was closed this past Sunday for a private staff appreciation party. The goal was to show everyone on the MRB team just how much the proprietors appreciate them and what they do.


At Mill River it is important to the founders to be family orientated with a family friendly atmosphere. We strive to make everyone feel welcomed whether they’re consumers, or employees on the MRB team. Regardless of position or “chain of command” we all do our part to support the day to day necessities to maintain a healthy, clean and respectable brewery and smokehouse.

The dedication that the owners show, day in and day out, not asking for any thanks in return is as good a motivation as any to come in and serve our fantastic customers every single time I work. From the kitchen to the brewery, they’ve assembled a committed and driven team that strive for the best and I’m happy to be a part of it.
— -Travis V., MRB Server

Being able to count on one another is both comforting and reassuring. Everyone plays their own role but its refreshing to know when in need someone will be there to give you any help you may need.

There was no suffering from the Sunday Scaries when we were surrounded by good people, yummy food and great beer.

I’ve worked in restaurants all my adult life, and Mill River is by far the most environmentally conscious, cleanest, and most pleasant to work for. The food is beyond delicious & I adore all my co-workers. We are made to feel like a part of the family & that is hard to come by.
— -Kat H., MRB Server

The team behind MRB big part of what makes the company so special. One of the owners, David could be found sledding with the kids at the party while another owners were making sure everyone was well fed. Its a family owned and ran business, not just because some of the owners are related but because as soon as you join the MRB team you are part of the family.

So, Cheers to our
Dream Team!