New Beers on Tap & Untappd

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Drink Socially

For those of you who don’t know about the world of beer geosocial networking let me introduce you to a fun app and website called Untappd! Untappd was founded back in 2010 with the idea for brew lovers to check in as they drink beer, share these check-ins and their locations with their friends.

The concept of Untappd is to let your network know what you’re drinking, when and if you want, where. You start by making an account either online or by downloading the app! Then you go to your favorite brewery (Mill River Brewing, DUH), order your favorite beer, and check in! This lets your friends know you’re enjoying a pint of Fulling Mill IPA at MRB.


Once you’ve checked in and enjoyed your brew, you then have the option to review it up to five stars (5 stars, because of course you loved it) and leave your thoughts. You can even share your pictures with us!

Untappd has all of MRB’s menus to take a look at as well. It shows what we are currently pouring and beers we have on deck. It tells you information about each beer, including style, ABV and IBU.

FUN FACT: In the Alehouse we have a TV mounted in the corner to display the beers we are currently pouring, and whats on deck. The list is streamed directly from Untappd. Along the bottom of the screen you can see which beers have been “checked in.”

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There are so many fun things to do when you add Beer to the mix! So of course, theres an app for that!

To see all the beers currently being poured in the Alehouse, you can visit our website or use Untappd to see all the beers we’ve created here.

What are you waiting for? Download Untappd and “like” Mill River Brewing.

Let us know your favorites, share your pictures with us and remind your friends drinking alone is a lot less fun.

Madison Lamothe