Brews News: Distribution

Hello 2019!

Another year, a new set of goals. As Mill River Brewing continues to expand, distribution has become a big step for the brewery. Now on the shelves one can find MRB placed with its competitors at numerous locations. What started as a dream is becoming a reality with every store placing our beer on their shelves.

To see where we are currently selling check out our Brew Tracker by clicking here.

I am very pleased with the progress up to this point and excited to see what’s next. We are distributing Mill River beer in Franklin, Grand Isle, Chittenden counties. We will be looking forward to expanding our footprint as we grow. Look for our beer on shelves near you. If you don’t see it ask for it.
— Mike Heth

With MRB cans hitting the shelves, as promised we have put together an incentive to our consumers. By switching to these bright orange 6 pack holders we are successfully using an option that is healthier for the environment. The design uses less plastic allowing us to reduce our plastic waste. And better yet, they are reusable!

Click the link above to learn more about how orange is the new black.

6packholder drawing.jpg

For every 6 pack holder returned to Mill River Brewing BBQ & Smokehouse, that person will be able to enter into our monthly raffle!

Our hope is that with this additional incentive you all will help us to help the environment. This is something that we are passionate about. Being able to use our platform to make a positive impact on the world means a lot to everyone at MRB. With your help we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint. So please recycle, reduce & reuse!

To learn more about other ways MRB works to reduce their carbon footprint check out our sustainability page or click here.