Hot Days & Cold Beer

Another one bites the dust…

For those of you who stopped by to see us at summer events, thank you! For those who didn’t, don’t worry- we won’t hold it against you, because there is still plenty of time to try our new beers!


The Burlington Brewfest was a total blast and MRB was a total hit. We kicked our kegs and made new friends along the way. It was a crazy couple hot days but that only made the cold beer that much better. How poetic, right? We had 5 different beers for the attendees to try; Lake Dayz, Ski Bum, Fulling Mill, Spring into Summer and our newest brew, our Strawberry Bubblegum IPA. We received great feedback on the brews and the can designs!

So again, thanks everyone that came to see us!


Up next on our happenings…
Our partnership with the Northern Friends of Lake Champlain has some new and exciting things on the radar! On Thursday, September 5th, from 6:PM to 9:PM MRB will host an auction with the help of Kevin Smith (the auctioneer) to rehome rain barrels designed by local artists. These rain barrels can be used to cut back on water waste by reusing rainwater. This is just one of the many ways we can help the environment!

All proceeds will benefit the Friends of Northern Lake Champlain!

These acts may seem small, but they make a significant difference.

Check out this fun infographic made to show off all the different ways MRB uses sustainable practices.


We kicked off our Clean Water Campaign with the help of the local media stations on July 11th. Since then, we have only grown in our excitement as the community gets more and more involved. In case you missed it, here is the story covered by WCAX , NBC5 & an article Written by Vermont Bizz.

To learn more stop by MRB during hours to ask us questions, or check out the Friends of Northern Lake Champlain website for more information.