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 In response to the new COVID-19 guidelines:

Mill River Brewing BBQ & Smokehouse at this time and for the foreseeable future have decided that in order to keep our community and employees safe, we will no longer be providing inhouse dining at this time.


We will continue to serve our community, new and loyal customers via curbside takeout and delivery.


Due to the size of our indoor dining area, we strongly believe that this is the safest and most responsible move to help do our part in controlling the COVID-19 surge currently affecting our community and state.


We look forward to ramping up inhouse dining as soon as possible, but, in the meantime, we hope everyone will be safe and continue to support us and others as we all navigate through these challenging times.

Thanks to all, be safe and we’ll see you for takeout!

Please be patient through this crazy time, we’ve been through this before and thanks to our wonderful community we are confident we can get through it again.

Thank you in advance for your continued support. We appreciate all of you!

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