Mill River Brewing

the mission

To provide the highest quality local products while supporting the VT community and reducing our carbon footprint. We are passionate about this place we call home and feel it is our obligation to minimize our impact on the environment while at the same time assisting others to do the same.


Our smokehouse serves locally raised meats and produce in mouth watering recipes passed down from Ferland family recipes.

Our baked goods are made in house and menu items are prepared to order creating an experience similar to a home cooked meal. 

Our attached brewhouse also incorporates the same values as we use Vermont grown hops in some styles of our beer.



Less Plastic, More Respect

MRB aims to not only just recycle, reuse and compost but to reduce. Our flight glasses are made with recycled glass. We’ve taken the pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by being a Straw Upon Request establishment. To learn more about our efforts to help the planet check out the Sustainability tab on our About Us page!


The MRB team is proud to be apart of the Green Brewery Cohort as mentors to others in the space of sustainability.