Less Plastic, More Respect

Mill River Brewing BBQ & Smokehouse is fighting the good fight when it comes to the environment. Always keeping sustainability in mind MRB aims to not only just recycle, reuse and compost but to reduce.


Mill River Brewing made the ethical decision to switched to these 6 pack holders in order to reduce the amount of plastic being used to hold their cans together. These holders can be re-used more than once when returned!


The flight glasses are unique in look and style. Not only do they add to the captivating atmosphere in the alehouse but they’re made from recycled coke glasses.

We also capture a significant amount of our brewing waste to be land applied. This helps with reducing our impact on the local wastewater facility and reduces the amount of fertilizer needed to grow crops.

A strainer and collection bucket are used at the bar. Meaning soda, spirits and beer remnants aren’t dumped into our waste stream. Instead, we collect, and land apply.


We took the pledge! Will you?
Another way we cut back on waste is by being a Straw Upon Request establishment. Learn more by clicking here.

Here is a list of other sustainable methods used by MRB:

  • Run chilling equipment on non-peak hours in order to reduce the demand on the electrical grid.

  • LED lights through the brewhouse, restaurant, and kitchen

  • All food scraps from the kitchen are diverted from solid waste to compost.

  • Take out containers, straws, and to go bags are compostable.

  • Cloth napkins only


Grain bags are diverted from solid waste and donated to Salvation Farms.  The grain sacks are used at the Vermont Commodity Program in Winooski. They use them to transport compost culls off our pack line to local animal farmers - pigs and goats love the slightly rotted carrots, apples and squash & the grain sacks are a great way to move this feed.