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Recycle, Yes, but…Reduce, Definitely!

Mill River Brewing doesn’t want to just recycle, we aim to reduce.

Did you know that in the USA alone there is about 500 million straws used each day! Thats enough to wrap around the world twice… TWICE. So yes, America we can do better.

There are of course exceptions to the no straw rule and MRB acknowledges that. There are situations when a straw is necessary, so in order to accommodate those people we have compostable straws available upon request.

So although what we offer is still a better alternative than plastic straws, any opportunity to reduce waste is an opportunity we would like to take advantage of.

Minor changes in everyday life make a big difference. Having the ability to reduce straw usage on the business level is a privilege and something we are proud to do.

So please, help us help the environment and wild life everywhere by only requesting when necessary.

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