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Orange is the New Black

(but really)

Mill River Brewing works hard to minimize their carbon footprint. Being in the position to make a difference on a business level is important to them. Being born and raised in VT its in their blood to care about the world around us. I mean lets be honest, is there a plan B for earth?? Seems to me like we should be taking better care of it!

With that being said, Mill River Brewing is super excited to announce the switch from their previous 6 pack holders to a new and improved version! These new holders aren't only the perfect color, but they use less plastic and can be reused!! (This is where the Orange is the New Black reference really works)

“MRB is a proud and strong supporter of the environment. We are aware of the impact our actions have on the world around us. Why wouldn’t we try to do better?”

-David Fitzgerald; an MRB owner

"Being apart of a company that cares is so refreshing. It feels good to work for such a socially responsibly business. It makes it easy to be passionate about the job when I personally support the moves they make.”

-Madison Lamothe; marketing person

Mill River Brewing is excited about this change to their 6 packs! Make sure to pick up your 6 pack and keep the holder, they can be reused when brought back! And don’t worry, I’m sure MRB will come up with a fun incentive push you to do so!

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