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And that's a wrap!

As we finish up these last few days of 2018 its time to look back and enjoy some of the fond memories made down at the river this past year.

Lots of changes, lots of growth and lots of new opportunity has been the theme of this past year. With new members joining the team, plenty of juggling, tons of hard work and fun we have successfully survived and thrived in this past year.

“As happy as I was with 2018- I’m excited about our future and in particular 2019! Mill River and Fitzgerald Distribution has some amazing opportunities that also bring their own challenges but what has made us a success up to now, will allow us to face these challenges together and overcome obstacles 2019 .” - David Fitzgerald; MRB Owner

2018 brought new faces behind the scenes and in the spot light in both the brewery and the smokehouse. From changes in the kitchen staff, to a new marketing person, to hiring a sales “dude” this year has been a year for adapting, learning and growing.

We would like to take this moment to express our sincerest thank you all of our staff, friends, family and supporters for making 2018 a great year. Obtaining our distribution license was just the beginning, we are now in 21 stores and 2 restaurants! We are excited to keep this momentum going into 2019, and we couldn’t do it without all of you.

We like to dream big down at MRB, and we are eager to get started on our 2019 goals. I would personally like to nominate Joyce Fitzgerald for the 2018 MVP award. Without her consistent dedication and hard work Mill River Brewing wouldn’t be what it is today. She has spent countless hours in the smokehouse, kitchen and behind the scenes making sure things run as smoothly as possible. Her contagious smile, big heart and devotion are what makes MRB so special.

So from our family to yours THANK YOU!

Cheers to 2018, bring on 2019!

We’re ready for you!

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